Eye Mag is a new innovative company inspired by Nick Perich a professional truck driver with many years of experience, who had witnessed, first hand, an incident where a wheel had flown off a trailer, causing severe injuries and damages. Our goal is to prevent these types of accidents from happening, in hopes to save lives, equipment and cargo.

Preventative maintenance safety device

Eye Mag is the first known preventative maintenance safety detector device for oil hub assemblies on tractor trailers. We believe that the Eye Mag unit will revolutionize the trucking industry.

Gear oil in wheel hubs works best when it is uncontaminated. Continuous friction in a wheel hub creates tiny metal particles that contaminate the oil. There is no way to catch these particles in wheel hubs because there is no way to install an oil filter on the hub assembly. Over time these metal particles are circulated millions of times throughout the hub wheel bearing assembly. Installing a magnet in the flow of the oil in the hub removes smaller metal particles. It is less likely that you will experience oil oxidation, as the metal particles that contribute to the process of oxidation will adhere to the magnet in the wheel hub. It is also an indicator if a bearing is starting to break down in a wheel hub by seeing metal particles on the magnet as it is checked on regular bases.

1. Wheel Hub
2. Seal Ring
3. Seal Ring Coupled to Plug Body
4. The Plug Grip
5. Plug
6. Magnetic Extension
7. Diameter of Plug Body

8. Diameter of Plug Body
9. Seal Ring Coupled to Plug Body
10. Wheel Hub
11. The Plug Grip
12. Seal Ring
13. Magnetic Extension
14. Oil Within the Hub Assembly
15. Magnetic Insert

Help save lives on the highway

The Magnet plug creates a 4 lb (1.8 kg) magnetic field in the wheel assembly which pulls small debris and chucky particles to it. Then it can be view threw the glass window or by removing the plug for viewing and inspection. We believe with an Eyemag in your wheel assembly and a contamination control program in place along with minimal training, would help save lives on the highway as well as equipment and cargo losses.     

The Eyemag plug is simple to use. Simply remove the current plug on the wheel hug and insert the Eyemag ensuring that it is pushed all the way in. During the pre-trip inspection the driver should take a visual look at the Eyemag to ensure there is no debris. The Eyemag should be removed every two to three weeks for a full visual inspection. If debris is detected this will indicate a possible bearing failure and your maintenance department should be notified.

Eyemag Demo